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Free Christian Identity Toolkit


Transformation in Coaching

always begins with the formation of a new perspective on yourself and your situation.

Seeing differently comes before living differently. So how do you need to see

yourself and your situation?  Who do you need to be, in order for the

transformation you want to see, occur? And what will be

required of you, to see it through to the conclusion

you desire? In other words, which identity do

you need to live from? and how willing

are you to live from it?  These are

just some of the questions

we will explore


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For the Christian, every life question is a discipleship question as we learn to live from our identity in Christ, both dependently and powerfully. As a Christian coach I use... See Christian Coaching......


Transformation in coaching always begins with the formation of a new perspective on yourself and your situation. Seeing differently comes before living differently. So how do you need to see yourself and your situation? Who do you need to be, in order for the transformation you want to occur? What will be required of you to see it through to the conclusion you desire? 

In other words, which identity do you need to live from? and how willing are you to live from it?  These are just some of the questions we will explore together. 

For the Christian, every life question is a discipleship question as we learn to live from our identity in Christ...  See more...

For the Christian, every life question is a discipleship question as we learn to live from our identity in Christ, both dependently and powerfully. As a Christian coach I use...

See more...

Coaching Available Now - Examples

Bring your agenda, topic or goal. We explore it together with powerful coaching tools and principles, dependant on the Holy Spirit...

Issues at Work eg performance & promotion

Most of us require mentoring and coaching throughout our life, in order that the genius within us becomes the genesis of something great through us.  Do you need help to think creatively and courageously? enabling you to find solutions to the challenges you face. Do you give away your personal power in your place of work? Do you feel controlled or passed over? Do you need help to harness your potential and talents more effectively, to make the difference you know you are capable of making? Here are some examples of the issues that you may like coaching on...

● Promotion opportunities

● High pressure / pivotal conversations

● Under performing team members

● Performance development reviews

● Power play situations in the team

● Addressing low morale.

Through the coaching relationship, you will be supported from the moment of initial insight to the end point of effective change.

Conflict within yourself (values)

Values direct us at the subconscious level, but we can allow them more conscious influence. When we fail to give our values a necessary voice in the shaping of what we do, and allow ourselves to be influenced by other peoples values or agendas, we live out of alignment with our deepest core. This leads to a values conflict causing stress and the inability to set goals or make plans which fulfil us at the deepest level. To become conscious of your own values is one of the best gifts you can give to yourself. By using our ‘Life Shapes Values Programme©' and 'Tri-Value Paradigm', you will discover...

1 Principle values you subconsciously live by

2 Preference values influencing how you do things

3 Personal needs values you most want fulfilled

4 Biblical values you want to be moulded by, 

5 Values allignment - how much your life is in alignment with your core values and 

6 How to put your values into practice using our bespoke 'Values in Praxis'© coaching tool.

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Conflict with others - Conflict resolution

Looking for a mutual win, in complex and pressured relationships is a better outcome than a win / lose proposition. Often our default is to withdraw and say nothing or engage in ongoing skirmishes through power-play behaviour, ending in a final showdown with a win for one, and if it's you that wins, you may have lost the relationship.

The harder road to walk is a win for everyone; and even if it feels like a lose for the other, they don't have to be demeaned in the process, as a result of your actions. It's possible to keep your integrity and maximise your opportunity at the same time, seeking to maintain the honour of the other. Coaching can help you achieve this.

Using 'Perceptual Positions' and our own bespoke 'Landscape of Personal Power'©, and Tri-Value Paradigm© you will be helped towards a more harmonious and productive workplace.

Guided Coaching - Coming Soon

Follow one of my coaching and teaching programmes below. We use video teaching hosted on our membership platform portal.thecoachingdynamic.com as the basis for implementation coaching which empowers you to implement what you learn.

Emerge Life Direction Coaching Programme

Whether you've come to Emerge having spent years in the same career; or in full time child care that's now reached its conclusion; or whether you've travelled a long and winding road, spanning several careers and job opportunities, but never feeling like you were truly "on track"; or whether you've come to the end of your working life, but find yourself at the beginning of a new season in life - you've come to the right place.  

Our calling is to help set you on track and find your purpose and place; to transform your perspective on your past and help you to find sight for your future. For most, it's an emerging process which requires time, reflection and the courage to ask powerful questions. Through the Emerge Coaching Programme, you'll be guided on this journey.  

Arriving in late 2024

Walking Seated Christian Self Belief

Through the 'Walking Seated' Programme you will be coached on growing a strong sense of self belief in the situations that matter to you. Christian self belief recognises everything about you that is good and all that God has made possible for you, through Christ in you.

You get to sit with Christ in the throne room of heaven, but you are also called to live out the priviledge on earth. Christian self belief recognises that He has made you in His image and deposited His Spirit in you. There is a lot to believe in!  

Self belief is a quality of self appreciation which enables us to try new things, to persevere, to take risks, and not to worry about what other people think of us. Self belief is not arrogance. Self belief, rightly proportioned, is elegance. It enables us to live life with poise, grace and a winning courage which inspires others to do well also.

The Spirit infuses our humanity, we grow in our capacities, we recognise all that is good in us, we recieve praise with humility and turn our success into praise. Christian self belief grows in the position of walking seated. Rev 4:10,11; Phil1:6; Eph 2.

Through this coaching workshop you will learn about the 2 sources to self belief and the 6 types of self belief which together, enable you to live confident in Christ.

Arriving in late 2024

         The Identity Imprint   

Living from your Identity in Christ

The Christian has a set of core identities which set us up for an overcoming and fruitful life. In this coaching programme, learn to apply the Christian Identity Imprint in any context of your life. There are many identities we can choose to live from, which are a consequence of the way life has moulded us, giving us identity defining messages about who we are, what we are capable of and what we are worthy of. But not all identitites are created equal.

The way we see ourselves and who we see ourselves to be determines the way we live, how we relate, and how we overcome the challenges life sets before us. Our identity is like the nuclear powered core of a starship. Let's make sure that our core is switched on. It's time for warp drive, it's time to engage. 

Arriving in late 2024

Download The Christian Identity Toolkit

How does the way you see yourself impact your life? Both in relation to God and in relation to the world?

Richard A. Burwell

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